Zoomus© is a e-mail marketing service for merchants and small businesses in your community. Through targeted e-mail offers and customer loyalty programs they will be able to attract new customers and reward the customers they already have – with expert help, at a very reasonable price.

We are looking for ZOOMERS – confident, upbeat people to introduce the Zoomus© concept and capture basic information from those merchants who are interested.  Zoomers are paid a sign on commission plus monthly residual commissions.

Introducing Zoomus©

What we want is your help with connections. 

Your connections in your community, with merchants you know, small businesses you frequent and clients you serve.

They know you. You know them and their business.

You are just asking them to try Zoomus© and allow Zoomus© to e-mail their information to 5,000 consumers in their community at no cost, with no contract or commitment. This will attract local consumers who are interested in their business. We will then supply the merchant with the ability to e-mail these interested consumers with information about their business, so they can turn these consumers into regular customers.

No strings. No obligations.

And there are no strings for you, either.  You do not need to pay anything (ever) to be a Zoomer©. We provide training and marketing materials at no cost to you. You just need to order business cards, if you desire. (Also, if you decide you don’t want to zoom anymore, just let us know.)


One Question. Plus 6 Easy Details.

You need to get merchants to answer one question:
“Do you want more customers?“
If the answer is Yes –
Then you'll ask for 6 pieces of information...
     • their name
     • business name
     • business address
     • e-mail
     • phone
     • the best time to call

and confirm that they’ll offer a 35% - 50% discount on a product or service.

You then turn that referral in to our Zoomus Marketing Coach who will call the business and set up their offer and their profile page.

That’s It.

The Zoomus© e-mail marketing and customer loyalty service will help them grow their business. They’ll connect with new customers and reinforce the relationship with their existing customers. Easily.

After their e-mail offer is sent, with Zoomus© already working for them, then you contact the merchant to start a low-cost, high-value subscription.

You Can Make Good Money With Zoomus©

When your lead converts to a paying customer, we pay you a sign on bonus and then we pay you commissions for the life of the subscription – and you don’t ever have to do another thing!

To give you an idea of the income potential, we compensate a Zoomer for a new subscription by paying them a signing bonus. Every month thereafter that a business renews their Zoomus subscription, we pay a percentage of the subscription to the Zoomer.

We forecast, at the rate of 40 converted leads a month, and assuming that those merchants renew, by end of their first year a Zoomer will have made $40K in commissions.

At that same pace by year two, the commissions yield $100K.

While some people are doing this on a full time basis, the majority are using Zoomus to supplement their existing income. We are completely comfortable with either scenario.

What does a Successful Zoomer© Look Like?

Our Zoomers© come from diverse backgrounds with a wide variety of life experiences.
Some have been successful salespeople.
Some are stay-at-home moms looking for some extra income for their family.
Some are students. And teachers.
Some are retired and want to be able to work when they want.
Many have other jobs and are working with Zoomus in their free time.
Some have incorporated Zoomus into the services they offer their clients or customers.
Some have decided to become full-time Zoomers.
Quite frankly, we don't hold an idea of a perfect Zoomer. We believe that whatever the talents and ambition you bring to Zoomus, it’s commitment and action that will allow you to be successful.
You just have to get started.

How You “Zoom” is Up to You

Different Zoomers approach merchants in different ways. And we are fine with that!

Some Zoomers prefer face-to-face meetings with merchants in their place of business. Others like to go to networking event and trade shows. Still others are comfortable (and successful) on the phone.

All good.

The way you introduce Zoomus© – and the amount of time you spend doing it – are up to you. Of course, the more time you commit, the more leads you will secure. But there is no minimum number of hours or leads to turn in.  Zoomus© works with your lifestyle and the demands of your life.

It’s Easy and We Help!

We make it easy for you to approach your clients (or anyone who would benefit from Zoomus).

We’ve developed a Zoomer Tool Kit with handouts, guides, links to short instructional videos and marketing materials – all designed with your success in mind.

We hold regular conference calls and webinars to encourage you and give you all kinds of support.

And with your success comes more rewards – incentives, prizes, trips!

We could take out a big ad. We could send out 10,000 e-mails. We could do an infomercial.

But we know the best way for us to spread the word about Zoomus is through relationships.

Our relationship with you, our Zoomer, is the first step.

If you have questions or need more information, please e-mail frank@zoomus.com or call 866-671-0400


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Lyndhurst, NJ 07071